Iconic aughts streetwear brand Baby Phat returns

Iconic aughts streetwear brand Baby Phat returns

It’s hard to believe that almost a quarter century has passed since brands such as Fubu, Sean Jean, Enyce, Rocawear, Karl Kani, Phat Farm, and its famous sister Baby Phat were some of the buzziest names in fashion.

Though as the style biz tends to be cyclical, it figures that Baby Phat, founded by CEO and creative director Kimora LeeFashionNetwork.com
Of course, said cat refers to the feline drawing within the Baby Phat logo. Via email, Simmons’ told FashionNetwork.com that post-pandemic era social media posts reinforced her idea to relaunch.

Baby Phat

“We’ve seen users wearing low-rise jeans, rhinestones, and all the iconic Baby Phat designs on social media. It’s a testament to the timelessness of our brand and its ability to resonate with a new generation—the past meeting the future,” she said.
However, deciding to reintroduce the brand to today’s market went beyond nostalgia. “It’s about embracing the present and the future while staying true to our roots. I believe in the power of our brand and in the ability to inspire a new generation of women who are unapologetically themselves. We’ve grown, evolved, and are more inclusive than ever, reflecting the diversity of our world. We seek to embrace and empower women, and the time for that is now,” continued Simmons.
Lots of things have changed since Baby Phat’s 1999 launch. Then, the internet was just taking off, and e-comm was in its infancy. Simmons is excited about the storytelling the platforms allow for.

“Social media is our canvas to paint a vibrant picture of Baby Phat for a global audience. We’re not just presenting our designs; we’re sharing the journey, the inspirations, and the values behind the brand. It’s a direct channel to connect with our community and engage in a meaningful conversation with them. The digital world is helping us narrate the new Baby Phat story,” the creative director enthused.

Baby Phat

The collection, which will roll out in drops, will offer a selection of styles that are “the fusion of streetwear and high fashion,” according to a release.

Think slouchy parachute pants, micro cargo skirts, novel print sets in an electric blue and vibrant pink with further drops to include ’99 Classics, a fresh take on bestsellers such as stretch baby tees and plush crop tops, miniskirts, BP Denim featuring the cat logo and luxe velour tracksuits with debossed logo detail. The soft sweat sets shared a similar cult status as Juicy Couture
Returning to the creative process in the design room felt like a homecoming.

“It’s where the magic happens, where creativity knows no boundaries. Updating the classic styles was an exhilarating challenge, she said of original Baby Phat styles infused with a contemporary vibe, adding, “We’ve kept the essence, the signature glam, and the boldness, but we’ve also incorporated modern elements to make them relevant to today’s fashion scene. It’s all about balance, working with materials, silhouettes, and details to ensure that every piece resonates with the current fashion landscape. We listened to what the Baby Phat customer wanted and  blended their desires with our vision.”

The brand calls Los Angeles home this go-round, though Simmons draws a comparison to New York, where the brand initially launched. “This city [LA] is a melting pot of diverse cultures and aesthetics, and that’s precisely what Baby Phat is all about: diversity and inclusivity. So, our designs are even more reflective of its influences,” Simmons said.

Baby Phat

When Baby Phat launched, it was a brand that transcended barriers, crossing over from the urban market to broader fashion outlets and customers, effectively as one of the pioneers of this space. This was not lost on Simmons, who summed it up.

“The success of Baby Phat in transcending cultural boundaries was a testament to our mission. We embraced and celebrated diversity in our campaigns and designs, reflecting the reality of our world. I realized this phenomenon as it was happening, and it was a deeply gratifying and humbling experience to see how Baby Phat resonated with people from all walks of life. That very ethos continues to drive us in the revival of Baby Phat today,” she concluded.

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