Phoebe Philo Just Dropped Her Debut Collection and It’s a Confident, Uncompromising Delight

It’s here! The momentous Monday morning when Phoebe Philo opens her online shop has finally arrived‚ after surely the longest tease in fashion history. It wasn’t just the three interminable months’ wait since untold thousands signed up to her website on July 27; it was also the nearly six-year-long endurance of the Philophiles after she left Celine in 2017. It’s impossible to exaggerate the level of anticipation over the reappearance of this leader of women. Even more so at a time when there are more female creative directors leaving the scene than joining it.

At first viewing, she has delivered what we’ve hoped for: a powerful punch of imagery and silhouettes to set your mind whirring; the Phoebe Philo tang of oddness, eroticism, and humor she so cleverly secretes among clothes that are just perfectly wearable.

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