Kate Middleton Was Spotted in Two of Her Most Millennial Outfits Ever

Kate Middleton is in her throwback era.

The Princess of Wales just wore back-to-back two of the most millennial-coded outfits I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never identified with royalty more. On November 1, Kate was photographed on a local “Dad Walk” in London, wearing thee brown military jacket (you know the one) and a blue-and-white striped sweater, which she paired with dark skinny jeans and ankle boots. Show me a millennial woman who says she doesn’t own this exact outfit head-to-toe and I’ll show you a liar.

WPA Pool/Getty Images

On November 2, Princess Kate had another outdoor activity on the schedule and was photographed in jeans for the second day in a row. Hey, if Jenna Lyons can wear jeans to a Real Housewives reunion, Kate Middleton can absolutely wear jeans to Scotland.

WPA Pool/Getty Images

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