Sportswear brand On opens first French store in Paris

Sportswear brand On opens first French store in Paris

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Nicola Mira

After setting up shop in Zurich, its hometown, and London, Swiss sportswear brand On has established a foothold in Paris. On specialises in running shoes and apparel, and has diversified into other sportswear categories after its NYSE listing in 2021. The brand has recently opened a 250-square-metre store under the arcades of the Marché Saint-Germain shopping centre in Paris.

The façade of the On store in Paris – On

“True to On’s roots, our store is founded (…) on Run Culture. For this first store in Paris, we were inspired by Parisian urban architecture and the texture of materials common to running routes in the city,” said Nicolas Martin, head of brand environments at On.

More than a mere shop, On’s Parisian flagship, opened just under a year before the Paris Olympics

The On store sells men’s and women’s shoes and apparel – On

“At the entrance, On’s running collection and technology take centre stage, with a giant movement-inspired screen on the ceiling, with product storytelling and On’s renowned try-on experience with its Magic Wall system – the brand’s signature installation that provides a full view of the shoe range and immediate access to all models and sizes,” said On. Deeper inside the store, On’s architects decided to create a space with a French garden feel. “Concrete modules of different sizes allude to hedges with their texture and rough surfaces, a tribute to topiary art. In the centre, the round aluminium podium is reminiscent of a water fountain. Walking between the curved modules gives visitors the impression of strolling through a garden,” added On.

On’s Parisian store is adjacent to stores by AppleUniqlo

At the presentation of its latest quarterly results, in August, the On group said it is targeting an annual revenue of CHF1.76 billion in 2023, and is expecting sales to grow by 30% in H2.


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