Get Spooky Season Nails Like Hailey Bieber

When October 1 arrives, it’s time to embrace spooky season and adjust your style accordingly.

Get inspiration from Hailey Bieber, the model and founder of Rhode Beauty.

Hailey recently shared a selfie on Instagram with the caption “Oct 1,” showing off a fall-inspired beauty look and a moody manicure.

With smoky burgundy eyeshadow and a deep Bordeaux lipstick, Hailey accentuated her fresh skin and brushed-up brows.

But what really gave the look a seasonal touch were her glossy, jet-black nails, inspired by a TikTok nail muse.

Hailey’s long, oval-shaped onyx nails added a Gothic edge to her overall style.

So, whether you want to recreate the look or try it at home, here are some polishes to consider:.

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