Passport Photo Outfit: What to Wear for a Flawless Shot

We’ve all heard of passport photo makeup—it did go viral last summer, after all—but what about the passport photo outfit? Sure, only a quarter of your top-half is shown, but hey, it’s still an important decision for a photo you’ll be looking at for the next 10 years.

Your passport photo is a clear, close-up photo of your face set against a white background.

The United States has a hard-set list of requirements for your photo, so it’s important to follow them in order for the application process to be seamless.

Going into your passport photo appointment already knowing what you’re going to wear—and more importantly, what you’re not allowed to wear—makes the process a lot smoother.

If you’ve got plans to take a passport photo sometime soon, you’ve come to the right place.

Before you’re searching for travel hacks and booking your flights, be sure your passport and documents are in order ahead of time.

We’re breaking down the perfect pieces to wear for your passport below.

Trust us: You’ll look so good, you’ll be excited to whip it out for TSA for the next decade.

What to Wear for a Passport Photo


A White Button-Up

When in doubt, grab the white button-up.

Everyone’s got one in their closet, and when it comes down to it, they’re always sure to make you look as photogenic as possible, and come with little-to-no risk.

Your collar will peek out in the top of your photo, giving a little hint of extra detail that’s perfect for a headshot.


A Black Boatneck Top

Despite only a portion of your torso showing, boatneck tops are an easy way to flatter and accentuate your shoulder and neck area.

Paired with timeless pieces of jewelry, wearing a basic black boatneck top to your passport photo appointment is a simple way to elevate your photo.


A Plain Blouse

If you’re choosing to wear a blouse for your passport picture, we’d recommend you wear a dark, solid color, avoiding busy prints and patterns.

Even if they’re flattering in real life, patterns like stripes and florals can end up photographing funny in tighter shots like a passport photo.


A Collared Shirt

If you want to bring a little more of your personal style for your passport photo, opt for a collared shirt in a pop of color.

You’ll still get the aforementioned collar detail featured in your photo, but the color you choose will help to m.

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