Top High-Top Sneakers for Men in Spring

You know the footwear you rely on through fall and winter all too well at this point, through days of fighting through snow and slush.

Relief is in sight: Consider the best high-top sneakers an antidote to cold weather and the same tried-and-true boots.

As the sun peeks through the clouds a bit more each day and things come back to life, perhaps you’re slowly dipping your toes into the proverbial water and dressing a bit more carefree.

High-top sneakers are but one classic way to do that.

They don’t skimp on matters of performance: The best high-top sneakers add cushioning and a literal spring to your step, along with crucial ankle support.

Because it’s not quite full-on “T-shirt and shorts” weather yet either, high-top sneakers are a natural style move with jeans.

They provide more coverage and support when it’s not quite time to show off some ankle just yet.

High-top sneakers are almost like the footwear equivalent of trading your winter parka for one of the best waxed jackets.

We’re lightening things up, but not ditching functional needs entirely just yet.

And at the end of the day, there’s just something that feels right about wearing high-top sneakers in the spring.

They’re giving your feet a break from winter boots, they’re a perfect partner for your jeans, and most pairs — especially lightweight canvas — pack up easily for long-awaited spring getaways.

If you don’t yet have some high-top sneakers handy, allow us to suggest a few favorites.


Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers: Perhaps the most widely known and widely worn sneakers on the planet, Converse first developed these kicks to be worn on the basketball court.

They’ve stuck around in the decades since then, beloved by hip guys, punk rockers and seasoned style aficionados everywhere.

They’re still affordably priced, the lightweight canvas is durable yet comfortable, and the range of color options is astounding — go ahead and get yourself a couple pairs.

From $52.66 at


GREATS Royale High: GREATS has been a force to be reckoned with in the sneaker category since launching as a Direct-to-Consumer brand in the early 2010s.

They still call Brooklyn home, and NYC informs a lot of the brand’s versatile silhouettes, including this dressy black leather high-top you could even rock with a lightweight khaki cotton suit.

The brand’s secret revolves around premium materials and reduced pricing by cutting out the middleman.

If you want affordable Italian leather high-top sneakers, you want these ones.

$199 at


Nisolo Everyday Mid Top Sneakers: No.

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