Amazon Fashion Undergoes Executive Change and Strategic Shift

Amazon Fashion recently announced a change in executive leadership as part of a strategic shift.

Jenny Freshwater, who has been with Amazon since 2010, has been appointed the Vice President in charge of traffic and marketing technologies.

Previously, she held the position of Vice President in charge of planning.

Prior to her time at Amazon, Freshwater worked in various roles at RealNetworks, Capital One, and T-Mobile.

This change comes shortly after the news that Nike recruited Muge Erdirik Dogan, the former President of Amazon Fashion, as their Chief Technology Officer.

Dogan had been with Amazon for sixteen years and was appointed President of Amazon Fashion earlier this year.

In line with their strategic shift, Amazon Fashion recently announced the closure of their physical shops.

These shops, which were launched seventeen months ago, featured themed and trending looks that could be ordered using a flashcode system.

The shops were located in Glendale, California, and Columbus, Ohio.

Furthermore, Amazon has been reducing its own-brand offerings.

In March, the company announced the cutting of 9,000 jobs due to economic uncertainty and lack of visibility on the near future.

This rationalization strategy also affected Amazon’s own-brand clothing offering.

By 2020, Amazon had reached a peak of 45 brands and 243,000 products under their own-brand category.

However, Amazon’s own-brand strategy has faced criticism from fashion brands selling on the platform.

These brands have been unhappy about their products being presented alongside Amazon’s own offerings, feeling that Amazon prioritizes its own products.

This criticism has been further intensified by the ongoing health crisis..

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