Shein Appoints Marcelo Claure as Group Vice-Chairman

Chinese fast-fashion giant Shein has named Marcelo Claure, the former CEO of SoftBank Group International and Sprint, as its group vice-chairman. The move signals Shein’s ambition to grow its global presence and compete with established players like H&M and Zara..

Claure, a telecommunications executive with a strong track record in business leadership, brings a wealth of experience to Shein. He is known for his innovative strategies and expertise in scaling businesses. Prior to joining Shein, he held various leadership positions at SoftBank, where he led the company’s expansion into Latin America and oversaw the acquisition of Sprint..

In his new role as group vice-chairman, Claure will work closely with Shein’s founder and CEO, Chris Xu, to drive the company’s strategic initiatives and accelerate its international growth. He will also provide guidance and support to Shein’s management team as they navigate the evolving fashion landscape and capitalize on new opportunities..

The appointment of Claure as group vice-chairman is a significant step for Shein, which has quickly become one of the world’s largest online fashion retailers. The company is known for its ultra-fast supply chain, which allows it to produce new clothing items in a matter of days or weeks, and its affordable prices, which have made it a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers..

With Claure’s expertise and leadership, Shein aims to strengthen its position in the global fashion industry and become a major player in the $2.5 trillion market. The company has already made significant investments in its infrastructure, technology, and logistics to support its rapid growth..

Claure’s appointment is also seen as a sign that Shein is serious about addressing its sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, which have come under scrutiny in recent years. The company has faced criticism for its labor practices, environmental impact, and alleged copying of designs. By bringing in an experienced business leader like Claure, Shein hopes to improve its reputation and build trust with consumers..

Overall, the appointment of Marcelo Claure as Shein’s group vice-chairman is a strategic move that demonstrates the company’s commitment to global growth and its desire to become a dominant force in the fashion industry..

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