How have Sports Brands Performed this Spring?

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic kept consumers primarily indoors, the sportswear sector continued the growth spurt that has made it a major disruptor in the fashion industry over the past several years..

According to the latest quarterly report from Edited, a retail analytics company, athleisure, streetwear and sportswear brands posted an average 6% increase in sales in the period between March and May in the US. That compares to an overall decline of 55% in the clothing sector during the same period..

Edited said in its report that in the US, athleisure and sportswear sales rose by 16% year-over-year, while streetwear sales declined by 28% in the same period..

While sneaker brands have typically been included in sportswear reports, Edited elected to separate them out for analysis this quarter. Sneaker sales rose by 25% year-over-year..

The report noted that unlike the overall clothing sector, sports brands actually benefited from the drastic decline in consumer spending. Many consumers began working from home and facing stay-at-home orders adopted athleisure and sportswear as their everyday wardrobe..

Sports brands also benefited from a growing emphasis on health and wellness during the pandemic. Unable to go to the gym, consumers began exercising more at home, which led to heightened demand for sportswear..

Unsurprisingly, online sales for sportswear brands also soared. Edited reported that 78% of sales for the sector took place online during the quarter, up from 44% in the same period last year..

Overall, the report paints a picture of a sector that has not been immune to Covid-19, but has managed to grow its share of a shrinking market. The sector has also stood out from the rest of the industry due to a shift towards online sales..

Edited did not break down which brands performed the best, but the report did note that brands with a strong presence in the luxury market were not impacted as severely as others by the pandemic. That is likely due to the fact that affluent consumers were less affected financially by the economic downturn caused by Covid-19..

Other brands that performed well this spring included those that offered affordable prices..

Perhaps surprisingly, athletic footwear brands also saw growth during the quarter. Edited said that this was likely due to an increase in popularity of athletic shoes as everyday footwear..

The report also noted that brands that focused on sustainability also did well, as consumers have become more environmentally conscious in the wake of the pandemic..

One of the few bright spots for the clothing sector this spring has been the performance of sports brands. The sector has managed to continue its growth trajectory, albeit at a slower pace, and has also gained market share over other sectors..

As the pandemic continues and consumers remain cautious about spending, it is likely that sportswear brands will continue to perform well. The sector has proven to be resilient and adaptable, and is well-positioned to continue to grow in the post-Covid world..

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