Native Nations Fight Against Night Sky Light Pollution

As the night sky fills with artificial lights from cities, towns, and businesses, the ability to see stars and planets is becoming increasingly difficult. This light pollution not only affects our ability to enjoy the beauty of the night sky, but it also has a negative impact on wildlife and ecosystems..

Native American nations are leading the fight against light pollution, as they have a deep cultural and spiritual connection to the night sky. For centuries, Native Americans have used the stars and planets to navigate, tell time, and mark important events. The loss of the night sky due to light pollution is a significant threat to their cultural heritage..

In recent years, several Native American nations have passed laws and regulations to reduce light pollution. For example, the Navajo Nation passed the Navajo Night Sky Protection Act in 2009, which requires all new lighting fixtures to be shielded and directed downward. The Hopi Tribe passed a similar law in 2013..

These laws are having a positive impact on the night sky. In 2014, the Navajo Nation conducted a study that found that light pollution had decreased by 30% since the law was passed. The Hopi Tribe has also reported a decrease in light pollution..

The fight against light pollution is not just a Native American issue. It is an issue that affects everyone who enjoys the night sky. By working together, we can protect the night sky for future generations..

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