Iconic Sportswear Brand Mitchell & Ness Taps Nike Executive for CEO Role

**Mitchell & Ness, the iconic sportswear brand renowned for its nostalgic designs and high-quality athletic apparel, has appointed a new CEO to lead its continued growth and innovation.**.

**Former Nike executive Chris Nicoll has been entrusted with the responsibility of steering Mitchell & Ness into a new era of success. With over two decades of experience in the sportswear industry, Nicoll brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role.**.

During his tenure at Nike, Nicoll held various leadership positions, including Vice President of Global Apparel, where he oversaw the design, development, and production of Nike’s apparel lines. His proven track record of driving growth and innovation, combined with his deep understanding of the sportswear market, makes him an ideal candidate to lead Mitchell & Ness..

**Upon taking the helm, Nicoll expressed his excitement about the opportunity to contribute to the legacy of Mitchell & Ness.**.


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