SMCP takes innovative approach to retailer training with ‘Retail Lab’

SMCP takes innovative approach to retailer training with ‘Retail Lab’

PremiumSMCPInstitut Français de la Mode (the Paris Fashion School


The owner of SandroMajeClaudie PierlotFursac

Its first class comprises 20 students form all backgrounds with the only selection criteria being “the candidates’ motivation and interest in fashion”. 

SMCP launched “an innovative, modern and inclusive admission campaign” for it on social networks Facebook, Instagram

And in an unusual move, no CV or level of experience were required from the candidates, who had to answer a series of questions on video to express their desire to apply for the programme. The “most motivated among them were invited to attend a selection event in the Maje showroom around fun workshops”.

The idea was born during a hackathon around the theme ‘Challenges of Retail’ organised in November 2021. 

The company said it’s a “key project” that’s supported by the founders of Sandro and Maje, Evelyne ChetriteJudith Milgrom

Guichot said the firm encourages its teams “to think outside the box and develop their entrepreneurial spirit. The birth of our academy is a perfect illustration of our passion and our entrepreneurial spirit that enable us to face the challenges of our market.” 

The lab is offering “an innovative and certifying omnichannel training course for sales advisors”. The course takes place over a year in the form of work-study programmes offered within its four brands. 

It’s based on a customised omnichannel training course in sales consultancy run by EMA SUP Paris. Institut Français de la Mode (the Paris Fashion School) will also host several days on fashion culture and the new challenges of Sustainability. And SMCP will be responsible for educating students throughout the year about the brands, their DNA, and their functioning.

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