Claire’s launches style-centric content series

Claire’s launches style-centric content series


Claire’s Content Studio experts: Famed nail artist Britney Tokyo, celebrity hair stylist Florido Basallo, Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Alexandra French, and stylist Anna Trevelyan – Claire’s

In particular, it explores nail creations with famed artist Britney Tokyo; hair trends with celebrity stylist Florido Basallo; makeup with Emmy Award-winning artist Alexandra French; and fashion and ear piercing with stylist Anna Trevelyan. The style series is expected to be the first of three upcoming projects.

The launch follows the recent appointment of Nicola Formichetti

”Through Claire’s Content Studio we aim to help young people find their own style, a journey that should be pure joy and fun,” said Formichetti. “It was a very special project for me because we worked with top industry experts, who I’m also lucky enough to call my friends, to give them a platform to share their knowledge on what’s coming up next and what’s trending.”

The series explores seasonal trends such as Denim on Denim, ’90s Influence, Skater Girl, Preppy, Pink
The five episodes will roll out each week through the remainder of November and December, starting with “Fresh

“As a brand dedicated to self-expression, we celebrate diverse points of view, creating space for the voices of others and giving them a platform to ignite inspiration. In that spirit, we continue to bring the best and most influential creators in the world to the forefront and give our consumers access to their amazing talents and insights,” said Kristin Patrick, EVP and chief marketing officer of Claire’s. 

“We partnered with Nicola Formichetti to direct our latest series and give today’s generation access to some of the best celebrity talent initiators and style creators across the industry. Florido, Britney, Alexandra and Anna each provide their own unique twist on hair, nails, makeup, fashion and piercing – inviting consumers to unabashedly dive into their imaginative worlds where they can uncover and embrace their own personal style.”

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