Inditex, PVH, Euratex among members of new circular fashion consortium Cisutac

Inditex, PVH, Euratex among members of new circular fashion consortium Cisutac

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Nicola Mira

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Cisutac members will start working on technological, industry-specific and socio-economic issues relating to sustainable fashion, concentrating on three areas: repairing, disassembling products and sorting used items to identify those that are recyclable and reusable, with an emphasis on fibre-to-fibre recycling, and circular design. Pilot projects will be carried out in each of these areas.

In its initial press release, Cisutac stated that it will evaluate the creation of semi-automated workstations, assess infrastructure and material flows, and encourage the gradual digitalisation of waste sorting operations. Cisutac also aims to raise awareness, among consumers and the industry as a whole, about circularity issues related to clothes.

“As part of the Cisutac consortium, Euratex will facilitate the circular economy transition, liaise with other projects and initiatives, support the development of training and education material, including masterclasses and MOOCs, raise awareness in Europe of the environmental impact of textiles and provide input for policy, standardisation and certification to facilitate the transition to the circular economy,” stated the new consortium

Euratex represents Europe’s textile federations at the EU offices in Brussels, and is active in the Rehubs project, whose goal is to deploy sorting and recycling hubs for end-of-life textiles on the continent. A sector that Euratex estimates could generate 15,000 jobs in Europe, for a revenue between €3.5 billion and €4.5 billion by 2030.

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