Munich Fabric Start, Bluezone to be held in July

Munich Fabric Start, Bluezone to be held in July

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Munich Fabric Start

Around 900 exhibitors showed 1,500 collections for fall-winter 2023/24 at the trade show. – MUNICH FABRIC START

The Munich Fabric Start will take place for the first time on its new date from 18 to 20 July 2023. The location of the event remains unchanged at the MOC Munich. Bluezone, Keyhouse and the latest concept The Source will be hosted at the Zenith

“Now we have found a solution, we are confident we can deliver an answer to the industry’s most pressing questions. The rescheduling of dates and diversifications offer all our exhibitors a wide variety of opportunities to respond in a targeted manner to new needs and changes of the market,” says Exhibition Director Sebastian Klinder

“With our rescheduling, we are positioning Munich Fabric Start and Bluezone early in the trade show calendar. In terms of timing, the new date is perfectly set and integrates seamlessly into the existing events and rhythms. The new View concept complements the events with a late and a very early date and therefore offers even more targeted presentation opportunities,” adds Creative Director Frank Junker.

Another adjustment involves The Source: after the first edition last summer, the second edition will be held on July 18 and 19, 2023. In the future, the new “One Stop Solution for Holistic Fashion Sourcing” will be staged as a once-a-year event as part of the summer editions. In addition, “The Source-Studio” is a new complementary event which be be part of the January trade show at MOC.

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