Rita Ora unveils sustainable activewear brand Humans Being

Rita Ora unveils sustainable activewear brand Humans Being

Rita Ora

Humans Being

So it’s clearly pitched at the still-growing athleisure market.

The brand was founded by Ora who is also Chief Creative Officer, with a release accompanying the launch saying: “Humans Being brings fashion-forward thinkers sustainable and stylish activewear designed around people and their hybrid lifestyles — equipping you with a performance collection that doesn’t compromise on style or sustainable living”.

Ora, who’s a UNICEF ambassador as well as a music star, “worked closely with technicians in the fashion and sustainability sphere to curate this confluence of eco-conscious and luxury activewear crafted to be worn by the forward-thinking fashion consumer,” we’re told. 

The collection features 12 garments in six different colourways that will all be available exclusively on the Humans Being website from 3 November.

Created to move “seamlessly” from gym to street, the offer has a strong focus on sustainability. The company said that “eco-conscious choices [are] a top priority for consumers, pureplay products described with sustainable keywords have grown from 13% of online products in 2019 to currently 37%. But whilst this labelling of sustainability is easy, Humans Being makes eco-conscious decisions from the start of design, through to packaging and even beyond the garment’s lifespan”.

Eco features include the pieces being made from sustainable and recyclable materials with a circular lifecycle, including Ynviron from Antex, recycled plastic bottles, and natural materials like organic cotton.

The brand has also partnered with Reskinned so that consumers’ end-of-life garments are “collected or posted in a local portal to be transformed into storied materials”. And in a link-up with the World Land Trust, a portion of every sale funds the purchase and protection of the rainforest.

The company said prices will range from £45 to £110.

“Fashion has always been an instrumental part of my life,” Ora said.“When I was a teenager I worked in the shoe shop, Size

“When I founded Humans Being, I wanted to embody this same mentality using recyclable materials to create clothing that’s both stylish and comfortable. It was important for me to create looks that people can feel good wearing both inside and out. I’ve put together an absolute dream team for this, and I can’t wait for people to get their hands on it.”

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