Eileen Fisher Foundation launches âHey Fashion!â platform for textile waste crisis

Eileen Fisher Foundation launches ‘Hey Fashion!’ platform for textile waste crisis

The Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher Foundation launches ‘Hey Fashion!’ platform for textile waste crisis. – Facebook: Eileen Fisher

Dubbed ‘Hey Fashion!’ and curated by Pentatonic, the platform exposes textile waste issues while conveying the opportunities offered by textile circularity.

Available on Heyfashion.org, brands can find key tools, advice and information to assist the transition to circularity, backed by key industry insights and rigorous research. In particular, Pentatonic’s circular consulting team and textile experts provide a clear 8-step action plan. 

“As the leader of an apparel company, I feel an urgency to address the challenges the industry faces regarding textile waste, overconsumption and circular design” said Eileen Fisher, founder of EFF and her own namesake brand. 

“By inviting Pentatonic to research the current state of circularity, my intention is to facilitate meaningful collective action that moves the industry forward.”

The content aims to prepare companies to be successful leaders in sustainable fashion during a time of new legislation and rising consumer pressure. Key takeaways educate industry entities on how to drive tangible action, avoid greenwashing, and mitigate risk; influencing net-zero ambitions.

“Hey Fashion! is brought to you by individuals who have been implementing solutions in the last decade; it is built in collaboration with many dozens of contributors who build the technologies, solutions and infrastructure for net-zero fashion every day,” added Johann Boedecker, founder and CEO of Pentatonic. 

“Our content, while backed by rigorous research, will seek to nevertheless be engaging, intelligible and most of all practicable.”

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