PremiÃre Vision Paris show ready for July edition

Première Vision Paris show ready for July edition

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Nicola Mira

September is out. The Première Vision Paris trade show is staging its next edition dedicated to the fall-winter season right at the start of summer, and will welcome industry professionals on July 5-7 at the Villepinte exhibition centre. The session will focus on the Fall/Winter 2023-24 collections, and will showcase 1,200 exhibitors.

Première Vision Paris

There will however be fewer exhibitors compared to the show’s pre-Covid editions, some of which featured nearly 2,000 brands. According to the organisers, this is not due to the date change, but to the fact that the pandemic is still hampering international trade.

“There are still countries in which travelling [abroad] is barely allowed, like China, from where we usually have some 180-200 exhibitors across the various sectors,” said Première Vision’s CEO Gilles

The majority of exhibitors will therefore come from Italy (326 exhibitors), Turkey (212) and France (154). Also among the most represented countries are Portugal, China, Spain, South Korea, India, the UK and Japan.

Sector-wise, the event will feature nearly 600 textile manufacturers at PV Fabrics, nearly 200 accessories specialists at PV Accessories, 132 leather producers at PV Leather, 47 yarn and fibre manufacturers at PV Yarns, 56 textile design specialists at PV Designs, 126 garment manufacturers at PV Manufacturing, and about 40 cutting-edge companies in the very popular Smart
The date change does raise a question about how prepared manufacturers will manage to be so early in the calendar. The transition to July was announced in early 2020

“The collections’ level of development in July as opposed to September was a risk, but we have had ample reassurances about this,” said Lasbordes. “In preparation for our trend forums, we received samples that were much greater numbers, and more creative too, than we have ever been used to since Covid. The fact that we were able to provide information and forecasts to exhibitors very early on helped companies in their selection,” he added.


In addition to changing dates, PV Paris has also rejigged the exhibition layout. PV Accessories and Smart Creation will now be hosted in hall 4, while Designs and Yarns will share hall 5 with Fabrics, which will also extend into hall 6 with Leather and Manufacturing. There will be five trend sections. In addition to the trend forums dedicated to leather and textile design, sections on innovation, patterns and apparel essentials will be featured in halls 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The entrance to hall 4 will also host an exhibition aiming to raise awareness on sustainability in fashion.

PV Paris will retain in part the hybrid format that was developed when physical trade shows had to accommodate health protection measures. About 60 exhibitors will take part only digitally, backed by Première Vision’s B2B marketplace. “Most of these hybrid services are likely to continue, because they allow buyers to go further in working with the show,” said Lasbordes, for whom the role of trade shows is more essential than ever, at a time when pressures on materials and transportation costs make direct connections between buyers and producers a crucial element in preserving the efficiency of supply chains.

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