In U-turn, Uniqlo suspends business in Russia

In U-turn, Uniqlo suspends business in Russia



Casual wear giant UniqloFast Retailing

A Uniqlo store in Russia – Fast Retailing

“Uniqlo has made everyday clothing available to the general public in Russia too, as part of our mission,” the Japanese firm said in a statement.

“However, we have recently faced a number of difficulties, including operational challenges and the worsening of the conflict situation.

“For this reason, we will temporarily suspend our operations.”

The announcement came after Fast Retailing president Tadashi YanaiZaraH&M

“Clothing is a necessity of life. The people of Russia have the same right to live as we do,” he said, in comments that prompted calls for a boycott.

On Thursday, the firm said it condemned “all forms of aggression that violate human rights and threaten the peaceful existence of individuals.”

It said its mission and responsibility was to provide basic, affordable clothing “to all, including those affected by conflict, natural disasters and other devastations,” and noted it had donated $10 million to UNHCR along with clothes for refugees.


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