Poshmark: Sneakers, denim and headphones among top shopping trends

Poshmark: Sneakers, denim and headphones among top shopping trends

A lot has changed in the last year, including consumer preferences for sneakers, formal workwear, and ‘Goth Girl’ aesthetic among other shopping trends, according to a new Poshmark

Sneakers, denim and headphones among top shopping trends; Poshmark report. – Facebook: Poshmark

The report, which compares data from May 2022 from May 2021, states an increase of 2039% in year-over-year sales, on running shoes. In particular brands like Hoka registered a 407% year-over-year sales jump, while Veja

Likewise, as more people change from slippers to sneakers, they have changed from leggings to jeans. Zara

Consumers are looking for formal workwear, which has been less available in store amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Since 2020, blazers and suit jackets are up 79% in year-over-year sales, trousers are up 48%, while briefcases saw an increase of 47%. Finally, both year-over-year sales for heels and dresses were up 32%. 

Blame it on the Kravis’ wedding, but the ‘Goth Girl’ aesthetic is also trending with sales for brands like Dr. Martens

Headphones are equally making a statement with sales for wired headphones up 282% year-over-year and sales for Apple

The Swedish influencer Matilda Djerf is apparently influencing a generation with searches for her own brand, Djerf Avenue, up 38% month-over-month. Her effortlessly chic style has also sprung a rise in sales for pieces like Louis Vuitton

Finally, the Coastal Grandma trend is also gaining popularity as shown through the sales growth for brands like Jenni Kayne and Frank & Eileen. Aritzia-owned brands Babaton and Wilfred also saw sales climb by over 60% year-over-year. 

Completing the look, are the rise of accessories like turtlenecks up 365% year-over-year in sales, bucket hats up 34% and chain-link shoes up 25%.

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