Gap and Denim Library partner for UK sale of archive jeans

Gap and Denim Library partner for UK sale of archive jeans

Still-new denim resale platform Denim Library has linked up with Gap

Photo: Pexels/Public domain

Pieces, including one-of-a-kind items, collectible styles and more, will be available to browse at 120 Oxford StreetNext

In fact, Denim Library has sourced more than 100 vintage Gap jeans for the event and has categorised them under three titles.

‘Common’ covers those aged between three and five years that were available in the UK when new. ‘Unique’ covers items from collaborations or one-offs. And the ‘Rare’ category takes in pieces that are 10 years old (or older) and sourced internationally so they may not have been available in Britain before.

Denim Library founder Claire John has also created the Unpublished Tee, a classic piece in black or white made in the UK from 100% Supima

John — a denim industry veteran — set up the business only last year. Her aim was to “create a designated denim space within the resale landscape, to offer hand- picked edits of lovingly worn-in and upcycled jeans to conscious consumers”.

Since then, it’s been riding the wave of denim’s popularity among both the general public and collectors. It also taps into the current trend for resale and the sustainability benefits that come with it. The platform stocks brands including Levi’s, Acne and Wrangler

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