Milanâs White show confirms February session

Milan’s White show confirms February session

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Nicola Mira

Despite the problems caused by the pandemic and its Omicron variant, the White trade show, in association with Camera Showroom Milano (CSM) and the Italian Fashion Chamber (CNMI), has reiterated the importance of going ahead with the session scheduled on February 24-27, in parallel with Milan Fashion Week

The parties are “aware that a postponement would be counter-productive for business, considering the scheduling of international [fashion] calendars and the timelines of commercial campaigns.”

White and Camera Showroom Milano have confirmed the event’s February session will go ahead

“We have been working for months, with determination, optimism and a constructive approach, to prepare the next edition of White, which is due to be held on February 24-27,” said Massimiliano Bizzi
At an institutional level, the organisers are working with the Italian authorities to ensure preferential access for foreign buyers holding vaccination certificates that are not among those currently recognised by the European Medicines Agency.  

“From our standpoint, postponing the Milan fashion shows would disrupt the organisational plans of [international] buyers, from travelling to accommodation in the city of Milan,” said Gigliola Maule, president of CSM. “This is why we are firmly committed to working together [with the other parties], in the interests of all industry players. Only
These opinions were echoed by Carlo Capasafashion week

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