Sarah Jessica Parker Revisits Her Take on French-Girl Style for

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw has never had a particularly bonne time in Paris has she? In the final season of Sex and the City, she wanders the French capital’s arrondissements alone, misses her own book party, and realizes she’s made a grave error in going Euro-hopping with busy Russian beau Aleksandr Petrovsky. 

And in the final episode of And Just Like That…’s first season, it’s Paris she travels to to scatter Mr. Big’s ashes into the River Seine (from a Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower bag turned urn while wearing a tangerine Valentino gown, no less). After Aidan’s return and Carrie’s foray into flat shoes, no potential plot twist in And Just Like That… could really surprise us, but Bradshaw’s return to her French style tricks of old are admittedly intriguing. 

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