Lily Collins Kissed Her Husband in a Look That’s So Not

Lily Collins, completely unbothered by that incredibly rude Emily in Paris season-three cliff-hanger, posed for a kiss in front of a Christmas tree with her husband, Charlie McDowell, while wearing matching pajamas. Emily Cooper would be horrified by the fashion choices here, which might be the point.

On Christmas Day the shared two snaps on her Instagram grid. In the first, Collins (still rocking Emily’s season-three bangs), McDowell, and their dog are sitting outside in their matching long-sleeve white crewneck pajamas with red reindeer, trees, and snowflakes. Collins is wearing chunky beige socks with…wait for it…buckled sandals. Is Lily Collins a suburban dad now? In the second snap, Collins and McDowell are kissing in front of their Christmas tree with McDowell holding the dog. 

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