Of Course Kate Middleton Wore Post-Coronation Skinny Jeans

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Kate Middleton does not care what the TikTok teens say. Skinny jeans have been a tried and true staple for the Princess of Wales throughout her tenure as a British royal, and her affinity for the slim-fitting pants has not faded with time. At this point, skinny jeans on Kate are just as inevitable as Prince Louis expressing genuine human boredom during royal events. 

King Charles III’s coronation might be over, but the royals are making the most out of it with an endless number of events. On Monday, May 8, Middleton made a post-coronation appearance as a volunteer as part of the Big Help Out initiative alongside Prince William and their children at an event hosted by Scouts in Slough, per the BBC. For the event, Kate wore G-Star Raw dark gray skinny jeans with cargo pockets with a loose light-blue button-front blouse with billowing sleeves that gather at the wrist and a small ruffle detail at the collar, a clever mix of masculine and feminine details. She paired the casual outfit with brown Blundstone ankle boots and a brown braided belt. She wore her hair down and parted in down the middle (of this the teens would approve).

DANIEL LEAL/Getty Images
DANIEL LEAL/Getty Images

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In her Princess of Wales era, Kate Middleton has embraced bolder colors—quite in the style of Diana, her late mother-in-law and the former Princess of Wales. For one of her coronation weekend looks, Middleton wore the very trendy white pumps, paired with a matching white handbag. But despite her experimentation, she also loves to stick to the classics. Long live the skinny jean.

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