Darkpark: the Italian label making waves with its oversized denim

Darkpark: the Italian label making waves with its oversized denim

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Darkpark distinguishes itself by offering high-end oversized jeans tailored specifically for the female silhouette. The brand, 100% made in Italy, combines a cool and sophisticated aesthetic that has captivated over 100 top retailers in only three seasons. Setting its sights on achieving a €5 million in revenue in 2023, the Milan-based brand emerged from the collaboration between Canadian designer Inna Gerchikov, the creative mastermind behind the label, and Maurizio Purificato, co-founder of the renowned Milanese store Antonia

The new Italian denim brand is distributed in 100 top retailers worldwide – Darkpark

Inna Gerchikov’s journey began in Toronto, where she managed the luxury boutique, The Backroom, before relocating to Italy in 2004. For the next 15 years, she specialised in importing and distributing Californian denim brands across the Italian and European markets. “That’s where I acquired a deep understanding of denim. In Los Angeles, there is an immense expertise in treatments, washes, and other aspects of denim production. Having experienced every facet of the fashion industry, from retail to distribution, the only thing missing was creating my own brand. It was five years ago, after meeting Maurizio, that I conceived the idea of launching a brand centered around oversized pants with unique details, feminine cuts, and superior craftsmanship. I envisioned an unconventional pair of jeans,” explained Gerchikov, whom we met at her Milanese atelier.

While the oversized silhouette for women, popularized by VetementsBalenciaga

Launched in 2021, just after the Covid pandemic, the brand will present its fourth collection for Spring/Summer 2024 in June at the Tomorrow showroom. Starting with around 30 multi-brand clients, the brand quickly expanded its network and now boasts partnerships with over 100 prominent retailers, including Bergdorf GoodmanSsenseNeiman MarcusLane CrawfordHolt RenfrewCorso Como

One of the Italian label’s bestsellers – Darkpark

“During our first season, Fall/Winter 2021/22, we had around 30 to 35 retailers. From the beginning, we focused on a limited collection of 100 to 120 pieces and aimed for high-level distribution. Our presence is mainly in Italy, the United States, and Asia. All our products are made in Italy, primarily in the Veneto region near Vicenza, where our skilled artisans, renowned for their work with major brands, craft our garments. Additionally, we collaborate with artisans in Tuscany for our leather pieces. At present, our customer base consists of 70% women and 30% men,” said Purificato. Among the bestsellers are the tie-dye denim with drawstring waist and ankles, and the wide-legged, rounded cotton velvet cargo pants.

Darkpark currently employs around 10 people, including three designers. Creative director, Inna Gerchikov, receives support from head designer Marco Corso, who brings extensive experience from his time at Jil Sander 

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