Sofia Richie Makes Inside-Out Trousers a Thing for Autumn

From the moment Sofia Richie was photographed in a starched white shirt and wide-leg jeans, the Hollywood scion has been positioned as the poster girl for what people online are calling “quiet luxury.” This is because she wears camel coats and flats and old Céline dresses and vintage Saint Laurent blazers, which make up an aesthetic that stylist Liat Baruch describes as “elegant and sophisticated.”


This much is evident—most of what Richie wears revolves around “classic cuts and sharp tailoring, often with menswear pieces,” as Baruch said—but zoom in a little, and I think there’s a bona fide fashion rebel waiting to tear out from its cashmere shell. See the fishnet ballet slippers, the Louis Vuitton Camera Box bag, the Loewe Trapeze dress, and this handkerchief-shaped Tae Park two set.

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