Emily Ratajkowski Embraces String Theory Re: Bikinis

Proving once again my theory that there should be a separate category for swimsuits not meant to be worn in the water, Emily Ratajkowski, who has her own line of swimwear called Inamorata Woman, posed in a string bikini (emphasis on string.)

Posing by the pool, the My Body author rocked an off-white two-piece (looks like the Las Olas top and Capreria Bottom) styled with some gold jewelry, wired headphones (AirPods are cringe—over, cheugy!), and a trucker hat advertising a Mexican restaurant but also advertising her bikini top since they share a name. Smart!

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“Being a redhead is…a mood,” she captioned the post, which of course only attracted levelheaded comments from people who aren’t weirdly intense about what this complete stranger does online. They definitely left this woman alone to live her best dolce vita in peace. Barbie fixed everything.

In the same post, she dropped a few other glimpses at her Ginger Era, and I gotta say, I’m not entirely sure what “mood” being a redhead is! Taking selfies, going to concerts, getting her nails done…these seem to be the typical EmRata activities, no? If the hair dye has affected her, she’s keeping the change pretty private. Then again, she’s been copper for only a week. Maybe it takes time to let one’s inner redhead out? Keep leaning into green, Em! You totally nailed it last time!

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