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Tyler, the Creator wears a lot of nice clothes; in fact, I’d go as far to say that he’s one of the world’s best loafer-wearers. But nothing looks better on this dude than a smile.

I know, I know. Soooo corny. But I mean, just look at him! Tyler’s got an infectious grin like no one’s business.

Spotted grabbing dinner in Los Angeles late on April 30, Tyler eschewed the typical celebrity strat of rushing to one’s car to avoid the paparazzi, instead greeting them with an ear-to-ear smile, a hickory-striped chore coat from Levi’s latest NIGO collaboration, handsomely creased slacks, and his signature Dr. Martens loafers.

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Now, why was he so happy? Dunno, but Tyler’s got plenty to beam about these days.

He wasn’t seen with girlfriend Reign Judge (they’re rarely ever snapped together, if ever) but presumably has been spending some time with her in between hosting a wildly successful pop-up concert attended by A-listers and ardent fans alike.

Therein, Tyler performed a variety of tracks solo, including recent music video recipient “Dogtooth,” sat alone on a stool with a mic.

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Funnily enough, Tyler’s been in a smiley mood recently, having signed all of the lyric sheets uploaded to the accompanying website for latest album Call Me If You Get Lost with a hand-doodled grin.

Point being, maybe we ought to get used to seeing Tyler wearing a cheeky grin.

Not that I’d ever complain to simply see Tyler’s looks, but that’d be the only way to possibly improve his otherwise impeccable sense of style.

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