The Showroom Startups incubator has selected seven start-ups for its class of 2023

The Showroom Startups incubator has selected seven start-ups for its class of 2023

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Previously operating under the name Look Forward, the ShowroomPrivé group’s incubator, Showroom Startups, has announced that it has selected seven companies offering innovative solutions for the fashion and retail sectors to receive support over the coming months.


Made up of Group executives, this year’s jury selected Allobrain, which uses artificial intelligence to analyse voice exchanges with customers, turning them into data that can be studied. AI is also used by CibleR, which combines GPT Chat and OpenAI to generate training and collaboration tools for teams. aims to be a 100% human personal travel assistant via instant messaging.

Allcolibri, which enables brands to reward their customers for doing something good for the planet as part of their shopping experience, has also been included in this promotion. The Toasty app, for its part, aims to make environmentally responsible brands more desirable and accessible.

Two start-ups have been integrated into the programme via partnership arrangements. These include Losanje, which offers a timeless upcycled wardrobe made from second-hand items. Another is Blue Pastel, which uses natural pigments and an oil derived from woad, a plant also known as “the dyers’ pastel”.

To date, Showroom Startups has supported 113 start-ups, raising a total of €48 million and creating more than 1,150 jobs. The incubator specifically targets companies with proven products and solutions.

In the first quarter of 2023, ShowroomPrivé reported a 17% increase in sales volume to €240 million, and a 12% increase in turnover to €155.7 million. This is a positive sign following the downturn in the 2022 financial year, which nevertheless remained above pre-crisis levels.

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