Don’t Underestimate Ice Spice’s Style

Regardless of how sick you are of hearing it, there’s one thing that’s undeniable: fashion can’t shake its Y2K obsession.

While quiet luxury or indie sleaze have had a pop at dethroning it as the top trend of the moment, we’re still blinded by the rhinestone-covered tracksuits that dominated the late 90s and early naughts.

And as the trend continues to live on, the latest name to rise to the top of the music scene has become its new poster child: Ice Spice.

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The rapper’s fame continues to rise, including attending her first-ever Met Gala making the Munch rapper Anna Wintour-approved, and a slice of that virality can be put down to sartorial whit.

Combining early-2000s favorites such as True Religion jeans, cropped fur jackets, and rhinestone-clad western belts (which she wears two at a time), much of her distinctly New York style includes pieces you’d imagine finding in Paris Hilton’s archives.

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And the fashion industry has started to take note of her style: the rapper was everywhere at New York Fashion Week last season and was joined by Vogue whilst getting ready for the Met Gala 2023 after party — where she spoke about a growing love for vintage fashion.

Diving into the highlights from her eclectic wardrobe so far, we’ve tried to replicate some of Ice Spice’s best outfits below.

Keep Scrolling for Our Favorite Ice Spice Outfits

Yep, you did read that right. The sparkly print on her top does in fact read: “best tits on Instagram.” Doubling down on the sparkles with a diamond-encrusted chain, bag, and a rhinestone print on her pants, our Y2K icon was of course wearing Moon Boots on foot.

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Bringing out a favorite from Jean Paul Gaultier’s ’90s archives, it’s all about the dotted top in this look. In the words of Marissa Pelly, Ice Spice’s stylist: “It gave fashion girl vibes with the JPG, but still remained chill and relatable to everyone there.”

Pulling up for Spotify’s Best New Artist Party, the rapper proved she can also do high fashion with an Eckhaus Latta dress, Rick Owens boots, and a Balenciaga bag. It’s not sparkly tracksuits and Jordan’s every day for Ice Spice.

We’ve not held back on calling out the worst of Coachella’s fashion but, this year, Ice Spice was part of the minority of attendees who actually got a ‘fit off. With an Eckhaus Latta two-piece and bulky black boots, it isn’t her most eye-catching of looks but still a very welcomed departure from all the glitter and flowy white crop tops at the festival.

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An outfit that managed to get Ice Spice into some Twitter beef with an online troll, this outfit is nothing short of iconic. From the tiny tank top to the double western belts to the Jordan 4’s that round off the white and red color scheme, it’s the exact kind of throwback New York style that we’ve grown to love from her. And if you disagree, then, in the words of Ice Spice: “U Wouldn’t Get It.”

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