Daher Group, Zara’s successor in Russia, to close some stores amid low revenues

Daher Group, Zara’s successor in Russia, to close some stores amid low revenues


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The Daher Group, which took over Zara

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A source from the group revealed, “While Zara used to make 2-3 million rubles per day (20,000-30,000 euros), Maag only makes about 300,000-400,000 rubles per day” (3,000-4,000 euros).

“Employees say that selling one million rubles (10,000 euros) per shift is almost a celebration,” the source added.

It is noteworthy that the Spanish company used to generate up to 4 million rubles (40,000 euros) during weekends.

According to the source, employee salaries have also decreased significantly, and some stores are operating with 4-5 hour shifts “only twice a week.”

Recently, a company responsible for leasing retail spaces stated that Daher is no longer seeking new locations to open additional stores in the country.

In April, it was announced that the Russian government approved the sale of Inditex

The first store was launched on April 26 in a popular shopping district in Moscow, Kuznetski Most, not far from the Bolshoi Theatre.

Daher’s marketing campaign for the chain featured Russian model Masha Keidj and local influencer Alesia Káfelnikov, daughter of the famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

The company then announced the planned opening of over 60 stores in major cities, including St. Petersburg, and shopping centers throughout the country.

However, some fashion experts disagreed with the initial optimism, especially regarding the women’s collection, which fell short compared to the men’s collection.


The Spanish textile group Inditex, owner of Zara and other brands, announced in October 2022 that it had reached an agreement to sell its business in Russia to the UAE-based Daher Group, resulting in the closure of Inditex’s operations in Russia following the suspension of commercial activity in March 2022, triggered by the start of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine and the imposition of Western sanctions.

In addition to Zara, the Spanish group operated in Russia with brands such as BershkaStradivariusOyshoMassimo DuttiZara Home

Until the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Russia accounted for 8.5% of Inditex’s operating profit.

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