Armani starts experimental cotton cultivation in Puglia

Armani starts experimental cotton cultivation in Puglia

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Nicola Mira

Armani has chosen World Environment Day to announce the start of the Apulia Regenerative Cotton Project

Giorgio Armani is keen to promote the cultivation of regenerative cotton in Italy – ph Pasquale Campi – Armani Group

The project is coordinated by the European Forest Institute (EFI) with the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Agrarian Economics (CREA), in partnership with the Pretaterra specialised agroforestry centre. The idea is to “to develop an experimental agroforestry regenerative cotton site, among the first of its kind, to test and scientifically assess new ways to implement sustainable cotton production in Italy,” with the goal of “producing low-carbon-footprint cotton,” as Armani stated in a press release.
The trial started in May with the planting of a one-hectare cotton field, which will be extended from 2024 to five hectares. “Over five years, this farm site will be among the first field experiments in Europe testing agroforestry cotton with alternative tree species and regenerative practices. Regular scientific reports will evaluate the properties of the cotton harvested and will assess the environmental impact and output levels of the various plots,” said Armani.

“It is a bold and innovative project, one that is particularly meaningful for me and my company. Actively participating in the development of agroforestry regenerative cotton, especially on Italian soil, is an important step and will also have a real impact on local communities. Once a utopia, regenerative fashion is finally beginning to assume tangible form,” said Giorgio Armani
The initiative is part of the Regenerative Fashion Manifesto launched last year by the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Fashion Task Force, chaired by former YooxFederico Marchetti

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