The Chanel Les Beiges Bronzing Cream Is Like Vacation in a Jar

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It’s time to show some love for bronzer. Yes, blush has been having a moment, but even the biggest devotees have to admit that bronzer is just as important. I consider myself a big fan of both products, and believe they go hand in hand to create that healthy, only-on-vacation glow we’re constantly trying to re-create. Both are essential to any makeup look—from no-makeup makeup to a full-face beat—and help bring color and life to your face. 

It’s easy for blush to steal the spotlight with it’s gorgeous shades and range of formulas, but let’s not forget: Bronzer is the backbone of any good beauty look, people! It creates a frame for makeup by adding color and dimension, contours and sculpts your features, and can even be used on your lids for a monochromatic look. And like blush, it comes in different types of formulas and packaging, from powder palettes to cream sticks and liquid wands. 

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