7 Clothing Rental Subscriptions

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Budgeting for your wardrobe is a responsible thing to do—and the best clothing rental subscriptions make it easier than ever to have the capsule pieces of your dreams. Over the years, these subscription services have redefined the concept of affordable luxury, making it a lot easier to have a closet that not only reflects your personal style but also where you can test out the latest fashion trends and mix in higher-end items without going overboard.

Instead of dropping money on big-ticket investment pieces that may only get a few wears a year out of fear of destroying them, monthly clothing rental programs give you the flexibility to wear your favorite designers for a fraction of what you would pay retail. In some cases, you can even choose to purchase the item after your rental is up for a discount. They’re also great for tapping when you need a very specific item—say a fall wedding guest dress—but don’t want to splurge on a gown you won’t be keen on wearing again.

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