Adidas launches new products to support women’s fitness

Adidas launches new products to support women’s fitness



Its introduction comes about due to “widespread dissatisfaction on workout wear [that] continues to be a challenge among the community”, said the company.

It worked on the offer with Associate Professor in Exercise Science and Elite Athlete Physiological Consultant Jason White, as well as Professor Joanna

It claims 92% of women find it difficult to focus on their workout when their apparel is uncomfortable, from body chafing and pimples to rashes, itchiness and more, “with ill-fitting and non-breathable apparel creating a multitude of issues for women when training”.

Its research also found 58% of women frequently have to stop to pull up their leggings during a workout, while 49% have had marks left on their skin due to tight fitting apparel. 

Coupled with how up to 94% of women are reported to have asymmetrical breasts, “reinforces the critical importance of the correct and supportive fit, as well as adequate performance wear”, adidas noted. 

The all-new range incorporates adidas’ latest material constructs and specific detailing, “aiming to reduce distractions so athletes can focus on improving performance”. 

Following on from the SS22 Bra Collection, its “newest bra and leggings chapter caters to even more workout needs across Studio, All Gym, HIIT and Running, with new styles specifically designed to combat the performance barriers being faced”. 

From four-way material stretch and recovery, to full adjustability, increased support structures, and airflow management, the SS23 Bra & Leggings collection “is available in inclusive sizing and has been crafted to ensure more women athletes can experience sport to its full potential”.

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