Jennifer Lopez Swears By These Five Must-Try Styling Tricks

Jennifer Lopez is multitalented: She’s a singer, an actor, an entrepreneur, and, of course, a style icon. With each day and each new outfit, she proves that there’s no such thing as “dressing for your age.” There’s only dressing for the occasion. 

As she turns 54 today, we’re taking a look at why J.Lo’s style is and will always be a source of inspiration for every generation, from boomers to Gen Z’ers. Here, a closer look at the five styling tricks Lopez always falls back on, and how you can implement them in your own life.

1. Say yes to statement accessories.

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Jennifer Lopez knows there’s only one thing that can turn any look, no matter how simple, into an eye-catching outfit: the right accessory. The singer loves big earrings and statement sunglasses, for example. Even the addition of a bright bag (she prefers hers ludicrously capacious) can take an outfit from zero to hero. This trick even makes the same outfit appear new again and again—and can thus save us many a perplexed minute in the morning in front of the closet.

2. Monochrome is king (er, queen).


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