On brand to open another London store in Spitalfields

On brand to open another London store in Spitalfields

On, the Swiss sports brand, on 2 November will open its second UK store following its debut on London’s Regent StreetLiverpool

On Spitalfields

The new location is in Spitalfields Market at 37 Brushfield Street. It covers 310 sq m and will offer a “comprehensive” range of footwear, apparel, and accessories. 

Facing the lively Bishops Square, the company said “a series of windows seamlessly connects the energy of the square with the in-store experience”.

Moving inside, there will be a Hybrid Explorer Display — a digital comparison table that allows visitors to compare different shoes instantly by placing them on the table. 

Colour and materials-wise, the new store “draws inspiration from the market’s iconic red bricks, while its flexible display fixtures are designed to be moveable, a nod to the dynamic nature of the market”.

On’s Head of Retail Design Diana Dowling said: “Spitalfields Market’s blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy provides an ideal setting for the new store. There is a palpable buzz in this area, and we are excited to strengthen our brand presence here.

Spitalfields is a strong location for its tourist appeal as well as its local customers and Dowling added: “This store will cater to East London’s running and movement enthusiasts, as well as visitors to the capital, with a carefully curated product selection tailored to their needs. Additionally, the store will serve as a hub for run clubs and community activities, fostering engagement with the local scene.”

With the number of UK stores for the brand still small, each one has the ability to make a big difference to UK turnover.

Bianca Pestalozzi, General Manager for EMEA at On, said: “With each new retail venture, we’ve seen an immediate increase in brand visibility and search activity. We look forward to building on this momentum as we invest not only in retail stores but also in running initiatives in the UK, from elite athletic events like On Track Nights in Highgate to community programs and run clubs.”

Store numbers for the brand are increasing globally although it still only has 25 stores across North America, Europe, and Asia, including 19 in China. 

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