How to Style a Comfy Red Sweater for Festive Events

When it comes to a festive wardrobe, there is nothing as quintessentially holiday-appropriate as a comfy, cozy red sweater.

Red took over as one of the hottest colors of 2023, and now that our closets are filled to the brim with the fiery shade, it’s time to let the color shine as the focal point of our holiday dressing.

While you might think you need sequins and sparkles to make an outfit feel holiday-ready, your red sweater will do the trick just as well.

You can make your red sweater work for every festive event you have in your Google calendar for the month of December—and with a little styling magic, you won’t even feel like an outfit repeater.

The holidays are officially here, and our jam-packed social calendars have come with it.

Here’s how to make a red sweater work for all your upcoming festive events.

For your office holiday party

Office holiday party? Make your favorite work trousers feel festive by pairing them with a red sweater.

Regardless of their color—though we are partial to a pair of plaid ones for this particular look—they’ll give you a put-together, professional look in a jiff.

May we suggest pulling it all together by putting a bow in your hair?

14 colors available

For a gift exchange with friends

Wearing a sweater the regular way? Boring.

Instead, drape yours over your shoulders for a chic, effortless effect.

Especially if you’re prone to overheating—or are heading to a party you know will be crowded and have the heat blasting—draping your sweater over a blouse or bodysuit will make it serve as a festive accessory.

8 colors available

For a day of holiday shopping

Put yourself in the spirit for holiday shopping by opting for a ‘fit that has your red sweater as the focal point.

If your day is going to consist of a lot of running around, opt for jeans and a pair of sneakers or ballet flats to make errands feel a bit more bearable.

Top it off with a wool coat, and you’ve got yourself a go-to look for all of December’s casual Sundays.

25 colors available

For a festive dinner date

Need your red sweater to feel a bit more dressed up? Layer it over a white button-up.

The contrast of the red with the addition of a white collar popping out of the top will make your look feel a bit more elevated, especially if you opt for a red cardigan (buttoned all the way up, of course).

To prevent it from feeling too business casual, pair the duo with a black mini skirt and your favorite loafers, ballet flats, or knee-high heeled boots.


4 colors available

4 colors available


For a holiday happy hour

One of 2023’s top styling hacks? Buttoning only the top button.

Layer a red cardigan over a white tee with only the top bu.

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