MC2 Saint Barthâs carefree leisure wear is increasingly international

MC2 Saint Barth’s carefree leisure wear is increasingly international

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Nicola Mira

A world where bright colours, happiness and a carefree holiday mood take centre stage: beachwear label MC2 Saint Barth’s signature prints and cheerful vibe are increasingly popular worldwide. At the Pitti Uomo 104 show in Florence, Milanese businessman

Max Ferrari at Pitti Uomo 104 Which are the key markets you would like to expand in?

Max Ferrari: the main destination we’re setting our sights on are certainly the USA, where we’re currently operating two monobrand stores and where, shortly, we’ll open a third one, in Los Angeles. We’re aiming to have 20 stores in operation within two-three years and, in order to manage the US market, both the wholesale and direct retail channels, we’ll open a subsidiary in Miami. It’s surely the ‘right’ city for us, more so than New York, and it’s undoubtedly closer, and not just geographically, to the MC2 Saint Barth spirit than Los Angeles. We’re also looking to expand in the Middle East, with Dubai our first destination.

FN: How do you think you’ll evolve on the European market, where you already operate 56 directly owned stores (37 in Italy) and 8 franchised ones?

MF: Europe is where we were born, and it’s accounting for an increasing share of revenue (Italy alone accounts for 40% of the total); Spain is growing significantly, and in Italy we are opening new stores in resorts that reflect our label’s spirit: S. Pantaleo in Sardinia, Gallipoli in Puglia, a second store in Taormina. We’re also very interested in the Greek islands: after Mikonos, Santorini and Antiparos – where we’re already present – we’re looking at Patmos and then Athens

FN: Your core business is swimwear: is MC2 Saint Barth just a summer brand?

MF: Absolutely not! In winter 2023, MC2 Saint Barth will open in [two Italian winter resorts,] Courmayeur and Cortina, because our label is the perfect leisure companion, bringing colour, good cheer and joie de vivre not just in summer and at the seaside, and is keen to stay with its consumers all year round.  

FN: What is the current balance between the men’s and women’s collections?

MF: Menswear currently accounts for the largest share of revenue, but the women’s business has grown to a 30% share, thanks to the wonderful work of Valentina Congiu: hers is a powerful style, not merely a replica of the menswear collection. Season after season, it’s acquiring an increasingly distinctive, recognisable identity.

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