Is Hailey Bieber Wearing Justin’s Boxers or Am I Tripping? 

Hailey Bieber tapped an unlikely source for her latest look: the closet of her husband, Justin Bieber.

On Tuesday, June 6, the model shared an outfit-of-the-day pic to her Instagram Stories. In the photo, Bieber is wearing a blue and pink striped crewneck T-shirt, a cream shacket with a brown collar, and white cotton shorts that may or may not be boxers that are rolled a few times at the waistband. 

Bieber accessorized with white socks, black Vans sneakers, her signature black sunglasses, and tiny hoop earrings, all of which are probably not Justin’s, unlike the boxers. Regarding his style, he gravitates toward oversized shorts, which would fall much lower on Hailey’s legs. Given this scientific fact, these shorts are most likely Justin’s boxers. Right? Right?!

In the story, Bieber wrote, “Outfit from husband’s closet.” She didn’t really need to provide the context, because it’s a little obvious. In a follow-up, she shared a mirror selfie in the long-sleeve striped tee. “This shirt will not be leaving my body,” she wrote. She also tagged the clothing brand ERL. 

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